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Strict and High Standard Manufacturing Technology of Testeck High Temperature Cable
Testeck high-temperature resistant cables have been purchased by more than 600 hydropower stations and used as signal cables for rail vehicles of CSR Group in China. The trust of customers is the recognition of the products of Testeck cables. In addition to the high standard requirements for cable raw materials, the high-temperature cable manufacturing process determines the excellent performance of cable quality.

Extrusion process is adopted to manufacture cables. DDR and BBR parameters are controlled accurately to ensure the bonding force between insulation and conductor. In the process of manufacturing, the wire diameter is measured synchronously with laser to ensure the uniformity of cable outer diameter. Online withstand voltage testing is the most critical quality testing process for the flow production line. All the cables need to pass strict online withstand voltage testing and can be offline after being qualified, which ensures reliable electrical property of the cable. It is very important to accurately control different temperature ranges and production speeds to fully volatilize the solvent. This is related to the physical and chemical properties of the cable, such as melting, carbonization and cracking at high temperature.
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