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Wang Guoping was invited to attend the Knowledge Exchange Meeting on Rail Transit Cable
On July 9, 2014, Mr. Wang Guoping, chief engineer of Shenzhen Testeck Cable Co., Ltd., was invited to Ningbo CSR Times Transducer Technique Co., Ltd. to attend the exchange meeting and exchange the knowledge of rail transit cables with its technical departments. The meeting was held in No. 1 Conference Room.
More than 40 people, including Peng Rui (head of Speed Product Department of Ningbo CSR Times Transducer Technique Co., Ltd.), Fang Weifeng (senior structural designer of Technical Center), attended the exchange meeting. At the meeting, in-depth exchange was conducted with Engineer Wang from Testeck in terms of characteristics, selection and routine testing requirements of cables for rail transit. With the rapid development of rail transit industry, people have shown great interest in the knowledge of rail transit cables and carried out in-depth discussion. It is believed that the product is low-smoke, halogen-free, flame-retardant, electrically resistant, resistant to low and high temperature resistance, weathering, aging, impact and jittering. It meets the requirements at various special occasions.
Through the technical exchange meeting, both sides learned about each other and had a deeper understanding on special cable industry. They will continue to strengthen cooperation, improve independent innovation capability and enhance core competitiveness.

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