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Technical Conference of Rail Transit Power Supply System
Recently, “2016 Third Rail Transit Power Supply System Technical Conference” sponsored by Chinese Electrotechnical Society and co-organized by Beijing Electrical Technology Society and NINGBO CSR New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was held in Beijing. It was attended by more than 140 representatives from design institutes, colleges and universities, rail transit construction and operation units and electrical equipment manufacturing enterprises.
The opening ceremony of the conference was presided over by Wang Zhihua (deputy secretary general of Chinese Electrotechnical Society), and Pei Xiangjing (vice president and secretary general of Chinese Electrotechnical Society) made an opening speech. Wu Liping (secretary general of Beijing Electrotechnical Society) delivered a speech on behalf of the co-organizers of the conference. Huang Xuhong (former deputy chief engineer and deputy director of Equipment Department of Beijing Mass Transit Railway Operation Corporation Limited) was invited to preside over the meeting.
Pei Xiangjing pointed out in his opening speech that a new round of technical innovation represented by information network, intelligent manufacturing, new energy and new materials is emerging in the world. Under the guidance of “Made in China 2025” manufacturing power strategy, Chinese rail transit equipment manufacturing industry is striding forward to the era of digitalization, informatization and intelligence.
Therefore, Chinese electrical equipment industry should seize this great historical opportunity, pay close attention to, explore and study the new changes, demands and problems brought by the development of rail transit equipment technology, strengthen the cooperation between equipment manufacturing departments and rail transit departments and use safe, reliable, advanced, mature, energy-saving, environmental, green and intelligent technologies and products to guarantee the development of the Chinese rail transit industry.
The theme of the conference was “paying attention to the cutting edge of technology and focusing on the hot spots of development”. Discussion and exchanged were conducted by focusing on “development discussion”, “energy storage technology”, “power supply system” and “equipment technology”. As an important part of the construction of efficient circulation system in a large country, Chinese rail transit construction is still under large-scale promotion. As of the first half of 2016, the operation mileage of urban rail transit in China reached 3,473.33 km. According to the approved construction plan, by 2020, the planned mileage of metro rail transit will be 8,500km, which will be nearly 5,000km more than that in 2015 and witness an annual compound growth rate of more than 20%.
The rapid development of Chinese rail transit construction directly drives the innovation and development of rail transit equipment technology. China is the largest rail transit equipment market in the world, and it is also a focus of global rail transit innovation technology. A large number of advanced technologies and new equipments are applied to the rail transit power supply system, effectively promoting the safe and efficient operation of modern rail transit system.
This conference attracted a large number of experts and representatives from various departments and regions of Chinese rail transit and electrical equipment industries. They had sufficient exchange and discussion with keynote speakers on changes, demands and problems in the construction of rail transit electrification, discussed the technical innovation direction and application of new products of rail transit power supply system and jointly promoted the reliable and safe operation and technical innovation level of rail transit power supply system in China through the in-depth cooperation platform for industry, university and research provided by the conference.
“Rail Transit Power Supply System Technical Conference” is an annual conference for power supply of rail transit industry hosted by Chinese Electrotechnical Society. It is one of the important contents of supporting services provided by Chinese Electrotechnical Society for promoting sustainable development of the industry.
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