Product series
Data Cable and Bus (MVB and WTB)
120 Ohm WTB bus
一、 Applications
This kind of data cable is based on the fireproof performance requirements of the rail transit industry. Under the fire, the smoke is very small when the cable burns, and the smoke is not toxic, corrosive and extended. The cable has good EMC property. It is used for multifunctional data transmission in the train.

二、Executive standards

TB/T1484.4 Rolling stock: Low-smoke, halogen-free and flame-retardant communication network cable

En45545 European fire rating standard

三、Cable structure
①The conductor is made of multistrand tinned copper.

②Solid polyolefin is used for insulation.

③Aluminum foil + tinned braiding are used for shielding.

④Sheath is made of low-smoke, halogen-free and flame-retardant polyolefin (black).

四、Technical data of MVB cable

Model Core x sectionmm² Conductormm Insulationmm Cable outermm
MTB-HSYPZ 2x0.5 0.9 2.2 7.9
MTB-HSYPZ 2x0.75 1.15 3.7 9.3


Color of 2 cores: Black and white

Color of 4 cores: Blue, brown, red and grey

五、Operating characteristics

Rated voltage 300V AC
Temperature range -40℃~90℃
Bending radius 6D(Dfor the outer diameter of the cable)
Characteristic impedance 120Ω±12Ω(0.5~2MHZ)
Transfer impedance <20mΩ/m(20MHZ)
Operating capacitance ≤65PF/M(1.0MHZ)
Ground capacitance ≤1.5PF/M(1.0MHZ)